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A title, for what?

Truth and justice are a matter of perspective … Continue reading

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This morning, someone from the group asked me about my Ph.D. thesis and what the topic of my thesis was. I mentioned that I was working on property markets and how particular kinds of property markets have emerged since 1980s. … Continue reading

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On the blazing trails of Kaveri!!!

Since sometime now, Santhosh has been reiterating that it is only human to run. Now I recognize that it indeed is very very human to run. Especially if humaneness is about all vulnerabilities, frailties, intensities, passions, wondrousness, meekness, vile, cunning, graft and everything else, running is that act of nakedness that brings us face to face with our barest bones. To run, is to run in the face of and with this nakedness. To run is to realize that with all the emotions we are cloaked with in our everyday lives, at our most conscious and unconscious levels, at the end of the day, we are naked, bare bones. To run is to discover this simplicity and this essence of our being. Continue reading

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On Spirit

When I run distances, I can run with the attitude that I have to finish the distance/conquer it. Or, I can run with the attitude that what matters is not whether I have run the full distance or half of it or none of it – what matters is whether I have run and when I have run, how have I run? So also with anxieties about runs, do I fight them back by running harder (by swinging my hands and arms more vigorously that usual) or have I run in the full knowledge that I am anxious, I am running and the anxiety will go, just like everything in life comes and goes … Continue reading

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The Space Between Running and Writing

These days tend to be crazy because I have resumed writing a lot of my academic research work in the form of monographs and reports and journal articles. This kind of writing, as someone pointed out after the run this morning, requires a great deal of focus and concentration because research questions change/sharpen/become irrelevant as we record our insights and cross-check our work against existing research from the field … Continue reading

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