From 32 to 33

Earlier this week, I celebrated the 33rd year of my life. I have been meaning to write this blog post throughout the week, but could not get my hands and mind around it. So let me give it a shot now.

This post is a summary of what I believe have been life changing experiences and insights in the 32nd year of my life.

At 33,

  1. I have realized the importance of love and acceptance in life. Most of the baggages that we carry from our pasts into the present have to do with the lack of acceptance of some part of ourselves.
  2. Parents can be hurtful and cruel even when they intend and mean the best for their children. A good part of acceptance is learning to forgive your parents and yourself for things that could not have been otherwise in your growing up years.
  3. Even at old age, a person can change. My dad is a living example of a man who changed himself at 45. He is someone I will always be proud of.
  4. The simplest joys of life cannot be let go of. They must be sought and cherished. For me, it is my nephew screaming, “Maasi, no heep” meaning aunty, no sleeping at night. He rolls over my body, from side to side, and guffaws. It is sheer joy for both of us.
  5. I as much enjoy and cherish the assertiveness of my nephew when he says “No more!” to something he does not want. It does not matter how justified and reasoned his assertiveness and stubbornness is. It is the way he can stand up for himself that makes me believe that only one can empower oneself!
  6. You have to experience extreme emotions – the range from excitement to anger, surprise to jealousy – to know the true meaning and value of equanimity.
  7. You have to be hopelessly in love with someone to be inspired enough to do something life changing for yourself. The fact that I am  hopelessly in love with my husband is what inspires me to put in every emotion and sincerity in what I write and say.
  8. It is important to reason out the logic of your politics rather than stick to a position because it is politically correct. I am glad for my PhD thesis – the one thing that is getting me to reason and season my politics.
  9. Fighting and locking heads with someone or something does not always get you too far ahead. At other times, fighting and locking heads can take you places. The key lies in learning not to be bitter after the episode has passed.
  10. Working with people is both joyous and painful. It is the one experience that we must all go through in our lives to understand ourselves better, and the fact that the whole is often greater than the sum of its parts.
  11. Music can help you focus your mind.
  12. Honesty is the best policy in relationships.
  13. Most importantly, chase your dreams. Dreams are worth living and dying for.
  14. Yearn for things that you have to still accomplish. The yearning itself makes life worthwhile.

Dedicated to Santhosh Padmanabhan. Even though I have not been participating in his trail run experiment, I am happy that there are different ways to realize that madness and irrationality are the way to be in life, and that pursuing an idea is the most powerful and uplifting experience that one can grant to oneself!

Dedicated to @delhisultan who is such an integral part of my life.

Dedicated to Riju, the island of calm in my life.

Dedicated to Rahul Gonsalves, forever sweetheart.

Above all, dedicated to Muthu, my PhD writing partner and a strong anchor. As she says, we are like two ships propelling each other to sail. We shall prevail till we finish our theses, and after!

To Ajay and Sankarshan – for propelling me, grilling me and motivating me to keep surging forward in writing my PhD thesis.

To myself and to my life that has been an enterprise forever!


About writerruns

I am lost in life. I now run to lose myself and to lose the handles I have been holding on to.
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2 Responses to From 32 to 33

  1. Malini says:

    I think leaving a comment for this would be just too small. 🙂
    But, all I can say is Cheers to you!!
    Keep writing and running. 🙂

  2. Awesome post and a toast to the lady of this post! Belated Happy B’day!

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