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Work, Identity and Time – a little conversation with the Little Book of Kabul

Dear Fra, This morning, I set off to look through the participant database for JSFoo and figure out what were the job profiles of the attendees. I had to compress the work profiles into a graph, which is to go … Continue reading

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Last evening, the orange-coloured masoor dal boiled in water with turmeric and salt. I seasoned it with garlic, curry leaves, green chilly, mustard and cumin seeds, in ghee. All of this cooked in an terracotta vessel that my friends gifted on my … Continue reading

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Roles, sacrifices and the “value” of “work”

It’s 5 AM this morning. This is the first of few mornings in the past two months when I have woken up feeling somewhat relaxed. Else, 5 AM has often arrived after three hours of sleep and forcing myself to … Continue reading

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