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I am lost in life. I now run to lose myself and to lose the handles I have been holding on to.

Today, I exercised patience …

Some days are just some days … Life just seems out of balance on such days. And then, either I accept or I fight. I either keep the balance or let it all go and see where I land. So was today. Nothing remarkable, but it … Continue reading

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Unmaking as a parent – Little Bo Peep needs to learn how to sleep

After my last blog post, Vasumathi wrote to me, sharing her experiences of parenting her 18 month old child. Helping her child to learn to sleep was one of the key topics of discussion. Much before I was pregnant, Rajesh Mehar once told … Continue reading

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Hillhacks – unmaking myself as a parent and as an individual

It’s been a really long time since I wrote here. In fact, I thought it best to punish myself by not writing. The greatest punishment is not allowing yourself to do what helps you best express yourself. That’s all a story for … Continue reading

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Navigating an ‘engineered’ and ‘gendered’ world: questions about communities and belonging

Yesterday morning I went birdwatching in Ragihalli with Deepa and two other avid birdwatchers. Two years ago, if someone asked me to come birdwatching, I’d perhaps not have gone. These days, I face such an emotional, intellectual and physical burnout … Continue reading

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Organizing events – curation and selecting speakers

JSFoo 2013 – held between 18th and 21st Sept – is the third edition of JSFoo I have organized in two consecutive years. JSFoo has come a long way since the previous edition held in October 2012 in terms of: … Continue reading

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Navigating a “gendered” world – role divisions, nature of work and founding a startup with a spouse

One day, I was eating lunch with a buyer and my parents. The buyer started to inquire about dad’s business. Mom chipped in between and said she also helps dad with the business. He immediately said, “Ah, you manage accounts?” … Continue reading

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Navigating a “gendered” world: starting a startup with a spouse – Part II

In the previous post, I started to narrate how I got involved in running HasGeek – financially and in terms of holding the company together in day-to-day matters. I must admit one more time that it is tough to write … Continue reading

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