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Training vis-à-vis Consciousness – A Revisit Retrospectively

In the face of anxiety then, stay steady, go slow, keep the pace … Continue reading

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Running along beaten paths

Going beyond the limits is not about how much pain can you endure or what is the longest distance that you can run. It is about whether you can run despite the pain because run you must and running is what will alleviate your turbulent mind and soul. I began thinking about the monks that Santhosh and Murthy had once mentioned who run continuously for days on end, in the deserted deserts, in the harshest conditions. I realized that they are not doing this to prove a point to themselves. They are simply moving beyond the limits that we feel limit us. They are perhaps calling upon that which lies in the deep recesses of their hearts, their souls and this universe to run because run they must, because running is a kind of calling, because running is actually running into the unknowns of the world with the faith that when you run metaphorical and real ways will open up, that as much as you are running on the paths and roads you are simultaneously running retrospectively inside yourself, discovering that which lies within you but remains completely unknown … Continue reading

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