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On the blazing trails of Kaveri!!!

Since sometime now, Santhosh has been reiterating that it is only human to run. Now I recognize that it indeed is very very human to run. Especially if humaneness is about all vulnerabilities, frailties, intensities, passions, wondrousness, meekness, vile, cunning, graft and everything else, running is that act of nakedness that brings us face to face with our barest bones. To run, is to run in the face of and with this nakedness. To run is to realize that with all the emotions we are cloaked with in our everyday lives, at our most conscious and unconscious levels, at the end of the day, we are naked, bare bones. To run is to discover this simplicity and this essence of our being. Continue reading

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Ambling along ….

This post is like me ambling along roads and courses, not knowing whether I am running towards a destination or whether the act of running is destination in itself. Continue reading

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