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Hillhacks – unmaking myself as a parent and as an individual

It’s been a really long time since I wrote here. In fact, I thought it best to punish myself by not writing. The greatest punishment is not allowing yourself to do what helps you best express yourself. That’s all a story for … Continue reading

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Training vis-a-vis consciousness

In this week, I have thought about my running and what training does for me considering that I treat running as a space for introspection and a space to unwind. The training and workouts I have attended have played a crucial role in helping me to learn more about my body and my mind. Through training, I have learnt how and when to intervene and more importantly, not to intervene, when my body and mind throw up various kinds of sensations and reactions in response to vagaries of the terrains and the mind … Continue reading

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I ran wherever there was a path …

This morning, I ran wherever there was a path. Come to think of it, this statement has more meanings than one. I could have written instead “this morning, I ran wherever I could find a path” but this statement would not hold the power and meaning that lie in the words “this morning, I ran wherever there was path”. I did not find the path. The pathways kept opening up as I gave up on the fear of losing my way. In the process of losing, I found, or rather, the path found me. Continue reading

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